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Break your fast with a non-Muslim family this Ramadan


The OpenDoors Initiative is a grassroots movement to build bridges between people by encouraging cross-cultural participation. Our launch initiative is OpenDoors Ramadan where we encourage Muslim families to host an Iftar dinner for a non-Muslim friend or neighbour.


Fill out the form to register as a host of an Iftar dinner

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Invite 1-3 non-Muslim families (eg: neighbour or coworker) to your home


Strengthen the bond between you and your neighbour


Do you fast during Ramadan? Good! Do you know what makes it even better? Sharing the Iftar dinner with a non-Muslim neighbour or friend.

Sign up to host an Iftar and share the blessing with others. Here are the rules:

  • Keep it social. This is not a religious or proselytizing initiative
  • Provide good (and preferably traditional) food
  • Enjoy the new bond

If you have never experienced Iftar then you are missing out. Point this website to a Muslim family you know so they can fix it. You can also register and we will find you a host family in your neighbourhood.

The month of Ramadan is sacred for Muslims. During this month Muslims refrain from food, water and sex from sunrise to sunset in an exercise of self-control and patience.

A centerpiece of this whole practice is the Iftar (breaking-of-fast) meal, where families and friends come together and enjoy their first meal of the day.

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